Peer-Reviewed Publications

“Evaluating a facility-profiling metric based on survival probability: Application to U.S. transplant centers”.
AH Tran, PP Reese, DE Schaubel. 2024+

“Multiple listing in kidney transplantation following implementation of the concentric circle kidney allocation policy”.
VS Potluri, AH Tran, N Kye, N Al Haddad, S Tandukar, TB Dunn, P Reese, DE Schaubel. 2024+

“Prognostic score-based methods for estimating center effects based on survival probability: Application to postkidney transplant survival”.
Y Lee, PP Reese, AH Tran, DE Schaubel. Accepted to Statistics in Medicine 2024.

“Five-Year Allograft Survival for Recipients of Kidney Transplants From Hepatitis C Virus Infected vs Uninfected Deceased Donors in the Direct-Acting Antiviral Therapy Era.”
Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) 2022;328(11):1102–1104.
Schaubel DE, Tran AH, Abt PL, Potluri VS, Goldberg DS, Reese PP.

“Using Physics-Informed Regularization To Improve Extrapolation Capabilities Of Neural Networks.”
Machine Learning and the Physical Sciences Workshop, Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) 2021.
Davini D*, Samineni B*, Thomas B*, Tran AH*, Zhu C*, Ha K, Dasika G, White L.

Academic theses

“Evaluating a Facility-Profiling Metric based on Survival Probability: Application to U.S. Transplant Centers.”
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine Masters Thesis. May 2023. Tran AH.

“Statistical Analysis of the Association between Bilirubin and Survival in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis.”
Mount Holyoke College Honors Thesis. May 2021. Tran AH.

* indicates co-first authorship